become partners

become partners

Establish relationships or partner with friends in the world, especially web publishers, is a way that can strengthen our brotherly relationships. By establishing a partner relationship we should share things that our partners might need.

For partners, please send a request through the fields below to include a Valid Email, Blog URL and Blog Banner in your email.

  • Glitch Times Official

    Glitch Times - To Share Blogger Tutorials,Blogger widget, Blogger SEO, Responsive Templates, Gallery, jQuery, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Web Tools ...

  • Your Site Name

    Blog Description.

What's the point of being a partner ?

Nothing is too special to get from this blog. I as a blog owner can only provide a DoFollow link that God willing can be useful for the development of your blog.

What are the conditions for becoming a partner ?

  • Blog age must be at least 6 months.
  • Have a Domain Authority (DA) value of at least 10. Check launch
  • Update articles at least once a month.
  • Have a minimum of 50 articles in the blog.
  • Blogs do not violate Google's rules.
  • Leave 1 relevant comment on one of the articles on this blog.
  • or You Can Contact Via Below Contact Form.

Format for writing e-mail messages

If the requirements have been met, please contact me via email to the address with the subject "Blog Partner". Don't forget, in the email contents include the Admin Name, Nice Blog, Blog Description, Blog Logo Url, and Comment Url.

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